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Using the Running Stitch for Attaching Amigurumi

How to Attach Flat Spots to Amigurumi Using Running Stitch - a tutorial from FreshStitches and Shiny Happy World

Hooray! It’s another Tip Tuesday! Today, I’m going to show you a new stitch to use for attaching amigurumi pieces that’ll be super-useful… the running stitch!

The running stitch is what you probably used on those lacing cards you had as a kid… so it’s not complicated to do. When you run your needle up, then down, then up again… you’re doing the running stitch.

Ordinarily, I recommend that you use a whipstitch when attaching amigurumi pieces (as shown in this video). It’s quick, secure and allows you to take advantage of those handy loops on your crochet work.

So why use the Running Stitch?

The running stitch is fabulous for times when you want a piece to lay flat. Since the running stitch runs all the way through the base fabric, you can attach crochet pieces that will lie very smoothly.

Today, I’m going to show you how to do it, using a spot on a ladybug as an example. If I had used a whipstitch, the spot would stand out and be puffy… not the look you want!

How to do the Running Stitch

First, gather your supplies. Here, I have a ladybug wing, the spot (that I’m going to attach to the wing) and a tapestry needle (I’m using a bent tip needle here, although that’s less important for the running stitch).

Now, thread the tail of the spot onto your needle:

Let’s start the running stitch! It’s easy! Stick your needle through a stitch on the edge of the spot, and all the way through the fabric of the wing:

Pull your yarn tight. To complete the second part of the running stitch, stick your needle (spaced slightly away from where it came through) back through the wing and up through the spot:

Yay! That’s it! Keep repeating the last two steps until your piece is attached!

Here’s my result:

See how nice and flat my spot is?

Where else can you use the Running Stitch?

This stitch is awesome for attaching a flat shape to another piece. You’ve just seen me use it to attach a spot to a ladybug wing (squee… my ladybug pattern is available here), but there are plenty more places where it’s useful!

I use this stitch most often when I’m attaching baby safe eyes to stuffed animals. You’ll also find it fantastic for attaching the spots to Jackie the Cow or eyes to Nelson the Owl.

And I’m sure there’s more! Can you think of how you’d use it?

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  1. Caitlyn SAYS...

    Hi! I am working on your Piggie hat. Is this the stitch I would use to attach the snout and eyes to the hat?