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How to Crochet Scallops – video tutorial

crocheted fairy doll with crochet scallops on her hair and wings

Want to lean how to crochet scallops? It’s super easy and gives you a nice swoopy edge.

The new Flit the Fairy pattern uses scallops in two ways!

Scallops give her hair that cute, curly edge, and when she turns around you can see that the edges of her wings also have scallops.

crocheted fairy doll shown from back so you can see her scalloped wings

So fancy! And not at all tricky.

In fact, it’s surprisingly easy!

Do you know how to double crochet? Then you can crochet scallops.

And if you don’t know how to double crochet yet – no worries! I’ve got a video here showing how to double crochet, and I also show how right here in the How to Crochet Scallops video. Handy!

Here it is. . .

In the video I mentioned that you can use the same method to crochet scallops onto things that aren’t crocheted – like the hem of a skirt, or the edge of a pillowcase. You just need to make some stitches around the edge to anchor your crochet. There’s a video showing how to do that here.

Here you can see I’ve added some pretty scallops to the bottom edge of a skirt made from an old T-shirt.

How to Add a Crochet Edge to Anything - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

You can get the Flit the Fairy pattern here.

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Happy stitching!