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How to Single Crochet One Row Below – video tutorial

How to Crochet One Row Below - showing a crocheted elephant trunk with a bend in it

Did you know you can crochet one row below where you would normally crochet?

It’s a nifty little trick that can create a neat new texture on the surface of your fabric – but it can have an extra benefit for amigurumi.

It can make your shape bend!

In this terrific video, Stacey shows you how to do it.

Specifically, she shows how to single crochet in the front loop, one row below – but you can use the general idea to do lots of other stitches one row below.

Here’s how.

See how that makes the fabric bend? Isn’t that cool?

Stacey used this technique to get the perfect bend in the truck for her Ellie the Elephant amigurumi pattern.

But that’s not all!

I use the same technique to give Maxwell Monster his adorable underbite.

green crocheted monster head with hairy ears

Get the Maxwell Monster pattern here, and watch the video showing how to use “crochet one row below” to create an underbite here.

I crocheted one row below to get the silly lips on this free squishy monster pattern.

And crochet one row below is one of the skills you build on to be able to front post double crochet – the skill I used to create the ridged lines in this doll’s hair.

How to Crochet Doll Hair using front post double crochet

Crochet one row below. Pretty nifty – eh?

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Happy stitching!