How to crochet two rounds together

Crocheting two rounds together is a fabulous technique for creating a folded donut shape! I use it in my seahorse and fish patterns, and no doubt, you can come up with ways to use it that aren’t for mouths!

folded edge in crochet

It can be a little tricky the first time you try to crochet two rounds together from written instructions alone, so today, I’ll show you a photo tutorial!

The piece usually begins with a tube:

crocheted tube

To crochet two rounds together, you’ll need to fold the piece so that the two (desired rounds) are touching:

crocheting two rounds together
folding crochet piece

In this (pretend) example, you’re folding the foundation chain to round 6, in preparation for “crochet through the round you just crocheted AND the foundation chain”.

You may want to pin the rounds together if that would help you:

using a locking stitch marker to secure fabric

Now it’s time to crochet! Insert your hook through the next stitch (on round 6) and the corresponding stitch on the foundation chain:

single crocheting two layers together

Wrap the yarn around your hook, and draw through the first two loops (treating these as one loop of a ‘normal’ single crochet):

single crochet two layers together

Wrap the yarn around your hook and draw through both remaining loops.

Crocheting two layers of crochet together

Continue crocheting the two rounds together, stitch by stitch, until you’ve completed the round.

crocheting two rounds together

Ta da!

folded edge in crochet

Isn’t that such a great shape?