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How to Attach Amigurumi Arms and Legs with Single Crochet – video tutorial

How to Attach Amigurumi Arms and legs with Single Crochet - video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

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Sometimes you attach amigurumi limbs after you’ve made all the parts using whipstitch and a tapestry needle. (There’s a tutorial here showing that method.)

This is necessary if the attachment runs across several rows of stitching, but if the attachment is running WITH a row of stitching, you can attach limbs while you crochet the body – all in one nifty step!

I love attaching arms and legs this way because it’s super easy AND super secure AND it looks really nice.

There’s a post here with text and photo instructions, but here’s a video to give you an additional view of the process if you like.

See how easy that is?

Happy stitching!


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