How to Embroider Almost Everything

My book is out now!

Woo hoo!

I can’t wait to see what you make with all these motifs. There are over 500!

The title is How to Embroider Almost Everything and I took that really seriously. I tried to draw ALL KINDS of different things. Yes – there are your normal embroidery subjects – flowers and trees and cute animals. But there are also pages and pages of other things – like laundry hanging on a line, household tools, colorful cocktails, and more. It was so much fun!

Want to see a peek inside the book? I recorded a video of me looking through my author copy for the first time! You can watch it here.

Want to order it? Here are a bunch of links for places to buy.

If you already bought a copy – thank you so much! I hope you love it!

If you do, please leave a review. You can do that by clicking on any of those purchasing links. Online reviews help so much – especially on Amazon. Like Facebook, they keep the details of their algorithm secret – but they do tell authors that more reviews lead to higher rank in search results. Posting an Amazon review (even a super short one) is a really, really nice thing to do for books you like. πŸ™‚

Happy stitching! I can’t wait to see what you make! We’ll have a special category in our photo contest next month – so be sure to snap a photo and be ready to share!


Speckled Rainbow Fabric

When I find the perfect fabric for one of my quilt patterns, I like to add it to the shop.

This is the perfect fabric for making the Polaroid quilt! (There’s a free tutorial here.)

Take a look at this small Polaroid quilt. I used the same speckly red fabric for the background behind all the Polaroids. That way it looks like the “photos” are all scattered over the same surface.


For that effect to really work, I needed to find a fabric that had a random, scattered print. Stripes, a regular pattern, and anything directional were all out – they would make the seams between the blocks too visible. I also nixed the idea of using a solid, because the seams are fairly visible on a solid too. I wanted a small-scale overall print that would hide those seams most effectively. Garden Pindot is perfect!

I picked a rainbow of my favorite colors – one that would work best with a lot of the fabric bundles I use in my quilts and sell in my shop – and I’m selling them here by the half yard. I’m calling them Speckled Rainbow. πŸ™‚

The listing tells you how much you’ll need for each size of Polaroid quilt. The fabric will also work well for basic background blocks in any of my applique patterns, so I included some fabric requirements info for that too.

Happy stitching!


How to Close Up Your Stuffing Opening with the Drawstring Method

Recently I’ve been looking for a different way to close my amigurumi. Slipstitching across the opening works just fine, but sometimes it leaves a pointier top than I would like. I wanted something that was more consistently smooth.

After a bunch of experimentation, I decided on a new method where I close up the top like a drawstring bag. It works really well – and it’s super easy!

Here’s how to do it.

See how easy that is?

Happy stitching!


How to crochet Picot Bumps – video tutorial

The newest Ami Club pattern is Merrick Monster.

I wanted him to have spiky little bumps all over his back and head so I used a modification of a picot stitch to do it. Picot stitch is usually used as an edge treatment, but in this video I show how you can use it within the body of an amigurumi. It’s an easy and fun way to add texture!

See how easy that is? You can use this technique to add a spiky, bumpy texture to any amigurumi.

Have fun with it!


October at Shiny Happy World

Happy October!

I shared the new calendar yesterday – here’s all the news for the month.

And here are all the links to the things I mentioned. . .

And I forgot to mention the sale on awesome colorful tea towels in the video! There are perfect for stitching and giving as inexpensive handmade gifts and they’re all 20% off this week. More details here.

Have a fabulous month!


October Free Desktop Wallpaper

Happy October!

It’s Monster Month! Woo hoo!

I love monsters, but I try to keep it in check most of the time. I know you don’t want monster patterns every month!

But in October, I let loose with All The Monsters, All The Time. πŸ˜„

Download your wallpaper below. There are options both with and without the October calendar.

That monster is one of the blocks in the Mix & Match Monsters quilt pattern.

Isn’t that purple batik I used for his body fabulous? Batik is especially lovely for applique. It’s usually a very tight weave so it tends not to fray, and the little bit of fraying that occurs is practically invisible because batiks are dyed all the way through, so there are no white threads on the fabric back. Look for some colorful batik fat quarter bundles in the shop later this month!

Have a terrific month!