Bears in the Hills – the Finished Project

Last week in the comments on one of the Bears in the Hills work-in-progress posts, someone asked if they could see it finished.

How did I never post a photo of the finished piece? That’s crazy!

But it’s true. πŸ˜› I shared it in the newsletter, but I never posted a photo here.

So I’m fixing that now. πŸ™‚

Ta da! The Bears in the Hills are finished! Here they are. . .

Aren’t they cute?

I’m so happy with this project! I loved every bit of the stitching (so many lovely stitching hours on the sofa!) and now it’s framed and hanging in my studio where I see it every day.

Want to make your own? Sign up for the Bears in the Hills class here.

Happy stitching!


Cooper Cat Crochet Amigurumi Pattern Is in the Shop

Cooper Cat is in the shop!

He was the Ami Club pattern back in April, and now he’s available for everyone! Isn’t he a cutie? I just love those long, floppy arms and legs. πŸ™‚

Want to see some adorable kitties made by People Who Are Not Me? Denelda won the Cooper Crochet-Along with hers.

He looks to me like he’s ready for some mischief. πŸ™‚

And look at Vicki’s slightly grumpy cat.

That face is just so cute!

And what about Santina’s calico cat?

I especially love the patch on his tummy!

What color kitty will you make? I can’t wait to see!

Get the pattern here.

Happy stitching!


Meet Frasier Frog

Have you seen Frasier Frog yet? He’s the current Funny Faces Quilt Block of the Month pattern and I love him!

That fabulous fly-catching tongue is optional. Here’s a pink-on-pink-on-pink version I made without it.

You can also make a version where the tongue (and fly) bust out of their own block and into neighboring blocks, like I did with this pair.

Here are a bunch of handy-dandy links. . .

Have fun with this guy!

Happy stitching!


Meet Finley Frog

Have you met Finley Frog?

He’s the new Ami Club pattern for July!

I loved giving him that curly tongue and that terrific hoodie. πŸ™‚

If you’re in Ami Club, be sure to log in to your account to download the pattern and save it to your computer.

If you’re not in Ami Club, join here! It’s just $4 a month! Members get a brand-new pattern every month, plus 50% off four selected patterns each month and a permanent 10% discount on all eyes and noses. It’s a great deal!

Happy stitching!


July at Shiny Happy World

Happy July!

Here’s what’s going on this month at Shiny Happy World!

And here are all the links I mention in the video. . .

Have a fabulous July!


July 2019 Wallpaper

Happy July!

I had to use the Funny Faces Block of the Month pattern again this month because I just can’t get enough of that frog and his fabulous fly-catching tongue! He makes me smile every time I see him and that’s exactly what I want on my computer screen. πŸ™‚

Download your wallpaper below – there are options both with and without the July calendar.

Have a great month!


How to Make Your Applique Bust Out of Its Frame – video tutorial

Last week I showed you how to frame your applique with an easy wonky faux sashing technique.

Today I’m going to show you how to make your applique bust out of that frame!

It’s so much fun. πŸ™‚

Here’s the video showing how.

See how easy that is? The hardest part is remembering that those loose bits are there so you don’t accidentally iron them somewhere they don’t belong. πŸ™‚

Here are some more examples of critters busting out of their frames. . .

This is so much fun to do! Here are a few more I’m eager to play with – to make busting out versions. . .

I want to make this moose head bigger so that his antlers encroach into the next blocks. (The moose is a free pattern here.)

I want to make this bunny’s ears twitch into the next block. (That bunny is also a free pattern!)

I want to put this crocodile on a square background block, letting the extra length of his snout flow into the next block. (He’s one of the blocks from the Safari quilt pattern.)

I want this nosy goose (from the Noisy Farm quilt pattern) to poke her beak into the business of her neighbor’s block.

I want to add tall hats (from the Fancy Doodads applique accessories pattern) to all the blocks and let it stretch into the block above.

The possibilities are endless! I can’t wait to see what you do with this technique!

Happy stitching!


How to Crochet an Underbite

Underbites are one of my favorite things.

An underbite instantly makes critters cuter!

And – luckily – they’re especially easy to do in crochet. Here’s a video showing how, using Maxwell Monster as an example.

Have fun with this technique!


How to Make Wonky Faux Sashing for QAYG Blocks

I get a lot of requests about adding sashing to Quilt As You Go quilts. I’ve got a tutorial here showing how to add traditional sashing to a QAYG quilt, like this.

But my favorite method is actually to add fake WONKY sashing to my blocks. That makes blocks that dance around in your quilt, tipping slightly in different directions. It makes the appliques look like they’re peeking out of slightly Seussian windows. πŸ™‚

It’s really easy to do! Here’s a video showing how. . .

Here are those dimensions. . .

  • Cut your background blocks 10 1/2 inches square
  • Cut your batting 13 inches square (you’ll trim it later to 12 1/2 inches square)
  • Cut your strips for the sashing 2 1/2 inches wide

And here are the rest of the links I promised. . .

Of course – once you make some wonky sashing to frame your applique, your next step will be to sometimes make your applique bust out of its frame – like these silly monsters.

That’s what we’ll learn in the next video. πŸ™‚

Happy stitching!