Quilting Lessons and Tutorials

Here you’ll find all the free applique and quilting lessons and tutorials. They’re arranged by subject so you can work your way through the lessons in a systematic way.

I use a combination of Quilt As You Go and applique with fusible adhesive for all my quilts, so I’ve grouped all those lessons and tutorials first. You can work your way through these lessons using any of my applique patterns.

The QAYG and Fusible section is followed by additional lessons for different applique methods, more traditional piecing and quilting, and some sewing room organization tips.

Remember – all Shiny Happy World patterns have links to all the tutorials you need right in the pattern. You can purchase any pattern and work through it like a workshop.

Let’s Make a Quilt

Getting Started

Quilt As You Go


Basic Tools – the stuff you use for all your quilts

Supplies – the stuff that gets used up

  • Thread

Preparing and Quilting Your Blocks

Cutting Your Blocks

Quilting Your Blocks


Applique Your Image

Outline Stitching

Extra Fancy Applique

Putting It All Together!

Trim Your Blocks

Sewing Your Blocks Together

Alternate Layouts and Settings

Finish Your Quilt


Quilting (again!)

Binding and Other Finishing

Other Quilting Tutorials

Hand Quilting and Big Stitch Quilting

Other Applique Methods


Studio and Organization